Your Child is UNIQUE

One of my favourite TV series is Young Sheldon. The series focuses on an exceptionally unique child called Sheldon, who has a twin sister and an elder brother. All through season one, I was amazed at how super smart the boy was until season two, when I realized he was not as smart as I thought. As I watched season one, I actually thought his other siblings were dumb but alas! Season two showed that these two siblings were actually unique in their own way and could do what Sheldon could not do.

The word “unique” (as an adjective), means particularly remarkable, special, or unusual. Indeed, every child is unique. Sometimes, parents use their words to bring their child down. Your child deserves to be encouraged at all times especially if you want to bring out the best in that child. Children are like raw talents that needs to be discovered and groomed.

In the series I mentioned earlier, Sheldon had the attention of his parents, while his twin sister was sidelined. In reality, this happens in some homes where a particular child receives all the attention, while the other siblings are supposed to “understand” and get used to it. This is totally unfair. I believe parents should try their best to keep their preference for a particular child aside, and give all their kids equal treatment. From my observation, kids that are usually left out, often become damaged emotionally and psychologically. Such kids are usually withdrawn or they end up having a low self-esteem. Some of them may begin to search for love elsewhere thereby causing them to fall into wrong hands.

Parents should please get involved in their children’s lives. Make out time to study and understand your child. You will be surprised that you will begin to discover that your child is unique after all and can actually do a lot of things that you did not know from the outset. Also, be mindful of the kind of words you use on your child. Words are like seeds that grow and bear fruits.


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