What You Need To Be Successful

I have read stories of some very successful people and I discovered that they all have two things in common – courage and consistency.

Asides hardwork and prayer which some other people believe is the key to success, I have discovered that these other two things – courage and consistency, are what you need to be successful.

It does not matter how long you have been working and praying hard, of course they are needed, but for those who have dreams and purpose, you need to add courage and consistency to the list of things you have been doing to become successful.

It takes courage to overlook disappointments, failures, and trials that you face in the process of achieving success. Courage helps you to not give up on your dreams.

Consistency on the other hand, means that you keep doing what you need to do to be successful without doubting or second-guessing yourself, even when it seems like no one wants to believe in you or help you. You need to keep pushing and struggling until you achieve your goals. Eventually, your ‘hustle’ will pay off someday.




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