Weekend gist

It is a new week and I kinda entered the week with a lot of positive vibes and excitement. I just cannot hold back myself from sharing what happened during the weekend with you.

I will attribute my excitement to the virtual Fearless concert by Tim Godfrey that took place yesterday (Sunday). It was just as if the concert was held just for me because it really feels like I had a brain reset while the concert was going on. I had previously spent months worrying, feeling unhappy, and struggling with certain issues in my life but as I watched the concert online, I felt something come alive in me… watching my daughter dance to the songs also brought a type of joy I had not felt in a long time. I went to bed feeling really excited after dancing to my heart’s content and woke up feeling refreshed. Oh the joy I feel…It feels like my spirit is still dancing even as I type this. You might not really understand how I feel though. I wish I could explain more. But just know that it has been a long time I felt joy within. Like when I see people being joyful and happy, I just desire to be as happy as they are. Was anything stopping me from being happy? Yes! Me! But somehow, the concert helped reset my brain and so, here I am experiencing something I have almost forgotten about what/how it felt like.

This might not be the gist you were expecting…lol. But it is my weekend gist that I needed to share with you. I am so happy I did not miss the concert. It has helped me heal faster than I expected and for this, I am grateful. I am still loving my new week vibes. Asides the concert, my mum got a surprise that we did not even expect and that also added to my joyous mood. So in summary, my weekend was an exciting one coupled with the fact that Bayern Munich won the Champions League…lol.

Have an amazing week and always remember that happiness is a choice…

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