#TuesdayThoughts – Contentment

Christmas is really fast approaching, a period most people look forward to. For me, I just love the fact that I spend it with loved ones. I wish I was a foodie so that I can boldly say how much food I consumed during the Christmas season. Lol. (I do not see that happening though). But it actually amazes me how some people go an extra mile just to make sure they have an ‘amazing’ Christmas. I believe so much in contentment. Maybe it is because my parents taught us how to be contented when we were little. I did not grow up wearing ‘Christmas clothes’ during the festive season. I remember my mum explaining to us when we were older that she did not want us to get used to having Christmas clothes and shoes so that during the period when they had financial problems, we would not bother them about those things – Christmas clothes and shoes…lol. In truth, this really worked because my parents always had peace of mind during the Christmas season. No last minute shopping. Lol… Of course they always bought us clothes and all that stuff kids loved but they did it randomly, ensuring that we just did not have this idea of “there must be a new clothe every Christmas”.

An aunt of mine made it a point of duty to always buy new clothes and shoes for her kids during Christmas. I remember when she did not have enough money during the Christmas season, she started panicking and had to go borrow some cash just to keep up with the trend of doing Christmas clothes shopping. I know it is the joy of every parent to see their kids look their best during the Christmas season, but I am of the opinion that if you have the means to constantly do this every year, then go ahead. But when you do not have enough, let the kids wear what they have then you can explain to them and make them understand that they do not need any new clothes to make them feel special, as long as you all spend the time together, that should be all that matters. Borrowing money just to meet Christmas expectations is not the best. Why not just be grateful for the little you have and see how you can enjoy the best of the season with your family?

I am also of the opinion that you really do not need a lot of money to have a splendid Christmas. Just make do with what you have and have a fun-filled Christmas. Even if it requires you staying at home all day, do so and still have fun! You can watch movies if there is power supply or you can play board games with your loved ones. You can do karaoke where everyone present can sing, including the kids too. Put on your creative cap this season and think of all the ways you can have fun this season.

Please always be contented and be thankful! Stop complaining and be grateful for what you have, because a lot of people do not have what you have at the moment!

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  1. Atolani

    I love this write-up. Contentment is key.


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