Tuesday Thoughts

“You can’t please everyone” is a phrase I have heard countless times. I will assume you have heard it too. Although this statement is very true because someone will always be either disappointed or unhappy about something you have done even though your intentions are good, but I think it should not apply to those you love dearly (parents, spouses, siblings, children, friends, and any other person you want to add to the list).

When you really love or care about someone, tell me how you would not want to please that person? You will definitely want to do everything within your power to ensure that person is happy, yeah? Even the way you converse with the person goes a long way to show how much you cherish him/her. For instance, there is no way you would use words that you definitely know will hurt the person neither will you do something to hurt the person.

I think it makes no sense when someone you love tells you how a particular thing you do hurts him/her, and you still keep doing that thing. For every type of relationship, be it family or friends, there is a need for you to respect the feelings of those that really matter to you. Have you heard about the “Love Languages”? There is a book with that title though where the author highlighted the different love languages, and why it is very important to always “speak” the love languages of those that are important to you just to strengthen relationships. In other words, you would not bother to “speak” the love language of a person if you did not intend to please the person and make your relationship better.

There are people who go out of their way to put a smile on your face. Please, do not take these people for granted. Rather, learn to appreciate every act of kindness you receive from someone. “Thank You” should not be so difficult to say.


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