Yesterday, 4th of March, I saw the importance of teamwork – it is not like I have not seen people work together before o! It is just that I appreciated it even more after what I experienced yesterday.

My husband had earlier informed me that he would be returning home a bit late. So while I waited for him to return, I decided to edit the video I was going to post on my youtube channel, as my daughter was asleep. Suddenly, I heard voices outside the house – people were shouting! I listened first to hear what they were saying then I heard the voice of a woman shouting. I honestly thought she was robbed and calling for people to help her. So I decided to look out of our bedroom window and behold I saw fire!

I immediately become frantic. My heart started racing as I watched as something burnt in our neighbours backyard. Apparently, our neighbours generator was burning and the few people around were trying to alert him to come open his burglary which was locked. This was happening by some minutes to 11pm! Finally the man came rushing out through the front door and quickly unlocked the padlock. At this time, people were gradually gathering around. Two guys started pouring sand on the fire, others rushed to get water and detergent, while those that had fire extinguishers rushed to get them. I also rushed to get detergent to throw it to them. Jeez! My heart kept racing as the fire was increasing. Thankfully they were all able to put out the fire.

I had different emotions welling up in me – fear, sadness, anger, anxiety, happiness etc. I felt angry because if there was steady power supply in this country, no one would really be needing a generator. My neighbor whose wife just had a baby in February, had been using his generator every night since the arrival of his baby until his generator got burnt which could have resulted in loss of properties and maybe lives, who knows? Because we rarely have power supply at night!

I felt scared, sad and anxious because I was just imagining how tensed the mother of the newborn would have been. Finally I felt happy that people came together to put out the fire. One person would not have been able to put out that fire. I was happy that the woman shouting, saw the fire from her own house and raised alarm. I was happy that my neighbors’ house was downstairs (in a 3 storey building that houses 16 flats) and that made it really easy for people to put out the fire. What would have happened if the fire started at the top floor?

At the end of the day, I was really grateful that it did not end in tears. It was the generator that got burnt and the fire was already spreading to the net before they succeeded in quenching it.

Why can’t we just have a steady power supply in this country????!!!!!!

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