StoryTime: Learn To Love

I read a story and will love to share it with you.

The story is about a man who went to a certain village to conduct a research there for several months. When he was done with his research and was waiting for a cab to take him to the airport for his return flight home, he decided to pass the time by creating a game for some children to play.

The man placed a basket of fruit and candy near a tree and asked the children to race for the basket. The winner would definitely have the basket of fruit and candy to himself or herself.

When the man gave the signal for the children to start the race, no one made a dash for the finish line. Instead the children joined hands and ran together to the tree where the basket was.

The man was confused about why the children ran together, so he asked them why they chose to run as a group rather than each racing for the price. Then a little girl answered him and said: “How could one of us be happy when all of the others are sad?” Because these children loved and cared about one another, they all wanted to share the basket of fruit and candy together knowing it will make them all happy. The man was really amazed at the girls’ answer and was well pleased with how the children loved one another. He left the village a happy man.

The morale in this story is this: there is a need to show love to the people you come in contact with and care for them. Learn to share what you have with those that don’t have. You can’t give without loving the other person genuinely.


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