Soro soke

Friday always comes with a different feeling for me – a groovy kinda feeling. But funny enough, it is not like I end up grooving every weekend because the house chores and cooking that awaits me cannot allow me groove due to fatigue. Although I have learned to not fill up my weekends with plenty chores by always trying to do them in bits anytime I find the time to do so during the weekdays. Anyway, I still like the feeling I get whenever it is Friday.

Moving on to my gist. Soro soke is a phrase that became popular during the end SARS protest. It simply means to “speak up”. Interestingly, a lot of people have been encouraged to speak up whenever they are not comfortable with the happenings in the society. Personally, I feel it is not only the happenings in the society that should make one to soro soke. Even in matters regarding ones’ health, life, happiness, finances, and any other area you can think of that makes you uncomfortable or unhappy, there is a need to speak up.

I have been in a situation where I thought keeping quiet was the best but unfortunately my silence almost made me lose my mind. Actually, I tried speaking up but it was to the wrong person because my speaking up did not yield any result. So I decided to keep quiet until I almost lost my mind. That was when I knew the importance of speaking up and this time, to the right people. My speaking up really helped put me back on track and life got interesting again. So even though it is important to soro soke, it is more important to soro soke to the right people because that is when you will begin to see good results.

Are you facing any challenge at the moment and you have decided to keep mute about it? Please, for your own good, find someone you trust enough to share your problem with. Because therein lies a solution to your problem. Remember the saying “a problem shared is half solved”. So this is me encouraging you to SORO SOKE whenever you feel the need to do so.

Have an amazing weekend!

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