As I looked at my most recent scar on my left thumb, I could not help but remember how it was gotten. It was in August when I was cutting vegetables that I cut myself too along with the vegetables…lol. It was a small cut that I knew would heal in no time but what I did not know was that it would leave a scar.

While growing up, my second brother was always checkmating my skin. He liked my skin being spotless so anytime he saw any scar, he would ask me what happened because he just did not like seeing any scar on my body. There was a time I had a cut close to my wrist and every time my brother saw that particular scar, he would ask about it. Like he literally asked me about three times and I would say “how many time would you ask me about this particular scar? I have told you about it before”. Then he would reply saying he had forgotten what I said happened to me. So I always ended up narrating the story again. Lol… Somehow, it made me feel I had to always give account of my skin and this made me very careful, just so that I do not have to “shalaye” to my beloved brother.

Unfortunately, life does not always go the way we plan. No matter how we plan and try to organise ourselves, something might just disrupt our plan. No matter how much I try to protect my skin, it still does not prevent me from getting hurt physically. Same thing applies to when we get hurt emotionally. We might try to guard our heart, protect our space, and be mindful of the people we allow into our space, but somehow it still does not guarantee that we will not get hurt. Oftentimes, people will intentionally do things to hurt you while other times, their actions may not be intentional but you will still get hurt all the same. In some cases, emotional scars will remain, while in other cases, the injury would heal totally with time.

The scar could be dependent on the weight of the action or the person that carried out the action. In other words, it could be that you would feel more hurt when the action was done by someone you never expected or someone you have never met before might use some unforgettable words on you. Although I recently heard that even scars do heal when you make a deliberate decision to forget about the scars totally, but so far, all the scars I have both physical and emotional, have not healed because somehow, I still would remember them. The good thing is that they do not hurt anymore when I “see” them but it does not stop me from remembering how I got them. So before you intentionally or unintentionally do or say something that may leave a scar on someone, please have a rethink. I know you cannot please everyone but you also do not want to be the person that someone will remember for a not-too-good reason.

Ps: Shalaye means explain

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