Saying No

Happy New Year!!! I know it is not yet late to wish you a prosperous new year. I pray that this year will be a wonderful year for you.

I have been wanting to put up a post since we entered the new year but honestly, I have been booting (I am still booting though). Lol…

So I have had a lot on my mind to write about but one issue has been pressing to write on and that is ‘learning to say no’. I have heard so many stories about people getting themselves in tight situations just because they wanted to please someone even though it was not convenient for them. Really! Why agree to something that you know is not convenient for you just because you want the person to think highly of you or because you did not want to hurt the person? So you then decide to hurt yourself and please the other person? Hmmmm… It is okay if you want to always be seen as a hero. But my dear, it is a different story if the person you hurt yourself for is actually not worth it.

There are subtle ways to say no so that you do not come across as being proud or self-centred (that is if you are the type that always care about what people say or think). My point is, when you know what you are being asked to do is either against your belief or not convenient for you, then please say NO and stop putting yourself in akward situations. Thank you!

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