Oral Hygiene

The internet is one thing I am very grateful for. The reason is because it has made it very easy for me to access any and every type of information, and also learn about the proper ways to do certain things.

A visit to the dentist sometime in May, courtesy of a severe toothache, introduced me to the world of flossing. After the dentist took care of the problem I had, she told me I had to start flossing after every snack and every meal if I did not want the pain to return. Apparently, the pain was as a result of food particles that had stored up in-between my teeth overtime thereby causing a particular tooth to ache badly. Of course, the fear of the pain returning was the beginning of yours truly flossing religiously… lol.

Please note that flossing is not the same as brushing and neither should it be used to replace brushing. They both have their importance. Anyway, the reason for this post is majorly because after my visit to the dentist, I began to wonder if I was not brushing my teeth well enough to warrant the build up of particles. So I decided to check for videos on YouTube on how to brush properly and I discovered that most people (including myself) are guilty of the following:

  1. Not brushing in circular motion. Well, we tend to brush either in left to right motion or up and down motion. There is definitely a technique in doing the circular motion which makes your toothbrush reach areas that are not so easy to reach when brushing. You can check for videos to see how it is done.
  2. Not brushing for two minutes. I laughed when I saw this part because I wonder how many people would actually want to brush their teeth for two minutes. When I know we just routinely rush through the brushing process so that we can either dash out of the house to meet up with work or devour our meal out of hunger.
  3. Rinsing the paste after brushing which removes the flouride (what prevents the tooth from decaying). For someone like me that is easily irritated, I almost shouted “no way!” when I saw this part but then again, in a bid to brush the right way, I started trying to not rinse off the paste. You should really try it too.

Another thing most people hardly do as regards oral hygiene is to floss (at least at the end of the day). This actually helps to remove food particles that your toothbrush cannot remove when brushing. Well, talking from experience, I cannot count the number of times I have removed food particles with my floss just after brushing my teeth, and it always makes me wonder how well these food particles can hide just to cause problem for someone later.

So now you know what you just might be doing wrongly. Drop your comments if you are guilty of any of the aforementioned points. Let us know ourselves…lol.

P.s: It is only ideal that you change your toothbrush after every three months.

Brush properly and have a “feel good” Friday!


10 Replies to “Oral Hygiene”

  1. Okafor Joy

    Thanks for this, I truly am guilty of the above things but I have a question as regards not rinsing, please is it not rinsing at all or I need to wait for a particular time frame before rinsing.

    1. Thank you for reading!!! About the question asked, yes you are not to rinse at all. Only spit out the paste after brushing and you are good to go…

  2. David

    Wow, thanks for this piece of information/education. It was quite interesting. I look forward to more interesting topics like this.

    1. Thank you for reading…we won’t disappoint you, hopefully!

  3. Amaka mbah

    Thanks 4 educating me more…..we learn everyday.and i must say that i have learnt something great from this.

    1. Thank you for reading. I appreciate your time.

  4. Olajumoke

    Wow, I am better informed but, you see that number 3 ehn, it will be almost impossible for me. However, I’ll try it. Thanks for sharing darl.

    1. Hahahaha…this got me laughing. I know right? I’m gradually getting used to it though.

  5. Urch

    I do rinse my mouth like 3 times after brushing just to get rid of the taste, you know i could swear it is a good thing. But…

    Thank you for this article really educative.

    1. Trust me I know this feeling…but with time, you could get used to it if you try.


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