October Entrepreneur

We love Entrepreneurs! Yes, that is why we celebrate them. Meet our Entrepreneur of the month!

Full Name: Ogundiran Dolapo (popularly known as Dolapo Julius

DOB: Dec 27

Course studied/Uni attended: National Open University (Communication Technology)

Occupation: Photographer (For now I am an employee. I serve as the Official Photographer to the Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Aregbesola)

Year Started: 2012

Location: Lagos/Osun

What made you start the business and how did you start? I started business as an IT person (majorly a Web Developer) and over time, I moved into Photography. I started photography for some reasons; I don’t have most of my childhood photos due to damage and I was determined to change that narrative for my future children. I also loved the idea of keeping memories and story telling. I started as a Wedding Photographer and overtime became a full time Documentary Photographer. Photography for me didn’t start out as a business. It was first passion and then I turned passion into business.

What are the challenges/problems you’ve faced in your business? As a Photographer, one would definitely face some challenges. Starting out, was the issue of gears. Photography is an expensive craft and you have to be ready for it.

There’s also the place of harmless competition (when I was shooting weddings) which getting client and breaking even was part of it.
As a documentary photographer, I had challenges with harassment whenever I go out for any assignment. There are peculiar challenges for different genre of photography.

How did you solve the problems?
For gears, I saved and got a loan to get a gear but before then I leveraged on the platform of a boss of mine, he runs a media and IT firm called (Aworan) this was first my business brand when I started photography.

For competition, consistency and getting better daily would open you up to the world. The world would hire and pay you for what you can deliver and not for the heavy gears you carry (most of the time)

For Harassment, I got better with it over time. Time, consistency and Patience is the Key.

What kind of photographer are you? Lol I am a good and honest photographer but I think your question is really about (the genre of photography) I do. I am a Documentary Photographer.

What are the challenges that comes with documenting a governor? Challenges? A lot! You shoot one subject EVERYDAY. It can be boring, tasking, hectic, challenging. You have to look for unique ways to tell the same story everyday. You have to be AROUND him everyday and everytime. Every single story matters. Eating, walking, talking, holding a meeting even in reflective moment. You always have to DOCUMENT. The challenges are enormous but because I love the craft, I see it as a reason to grow on the craft daily. The challenge of security is also part of it.

How do you cope? Lol, take each day at a time and I have gotten used to job.

What inspires the kind of pictures you take?
My first and major source of inspiration is God. (This is not a cliché, I am a Christian) and I study aggressively too. I get inspired by people who are also in the same line of business and photographers generally. I get fascinated by their images. I am always on pages of the internet that would help me grow.

What are your hobbies? Random Traveling, Video Games, Cooking.

Dolapo’s Nugget: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. You would never know how much you can do or how far you can go until you start something and never give up on it.

P.S: All pictures on this post were taken by Dolapo Julius.


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  1. Niveuspictures

    Thank you for bringing him on board. He’s a major source of inspiration for me.

    1. Awwwwn. I’m glad to know this. That is the whole essence of this segment – not just to celebrate entrepreneurs, but to also inspire someone who may be thinking of starting a business. Thank you for reading.


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