No limits

Guys!!! I created my first animation video earlier this week and I have been so proud of myself. You can go check out the video on my YouTube channel @PreshnextTV. I really had fun creating the video. It just felt like I was introduced into a whole new world. I really like that I can now bring my thoughts to life. I am so grateful for the experience and the opportunity to learn something new.

This experience has taught me that there is indeed no limit to what an individual can do. It all just boils down to interest. Once you have an interest in something, then nothing can really stop you from achieving that thing – unless you stop yourself of course.

So to anyone saying “I cannot do this”, trust me, you can! All you need do is discover the things you are interested in, and master them. Yes you heard me! It is one thing to know something, and it is another thing to be a master in it…like be a professional in that thing. Then for the other things that you may not have interest in, you can make an effort to know a little bit about them. You know the saying “no knowledge is a waste”. So this is me encouraging you to not limit yourself.

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