Am I the only one that does not like listening to the news or reading news? Please if there is any importance/advantage of reading or listening to the news, kindly let me know in the comment section.

Someone once told me about the importance of knowing what is happening in the country. But honestly, why would I put myself through that kind of torture? Reading or listening to the news these days really feels like torture to me. One can hardly hear about goodnews in this country. Whenever I listen to the news, my mood always changes from happy to sad and angry! You cannot help but get upset when you hear about all the happenings in this country – about 98 percent of the news is usually bad news! Killings, kidnapping, rape, oppression, hunger, increase in prices of food, etc. The list is actually endless!

So when someone is asking me to listen to the news, to what end? So that I will be more sad and angry? Or is the sadness and anger supposed to motivate me to take action? Okay so I decide to take action and speak up against the crazy happenings, will the government listen? Okay so maybe they actually listen, will they do anything about it?

Abeg, make nobody tell me to listen to news o! The news no dey help me…e nor dey give me joy! So I can like to stay away from anything that can tamper with my peace and joy. What is of utmost importance to me, is to ensure I do the good I can to the people I can. And also to enjoy the testimonies (goodnews) people share with me – this part really helps me take my mind off the madness and chaos!

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