My hero

I am beginning to feel like I get lots of inspiration from the Big Brother Naija reality TV show…lol… Well, it does not really matter where I get my inspiration from as long as I am always inspired to write.

While watching another wager challenge that required the housemates to make an art piece each and also talk about their heroes, I could not help but get emotional as I listened to them share their stories. When one of the housemates was talking about his mum, I remembered the day I wrote about my mum in my journal (I posted a screenshot of it here some months ago and wrote an article about it titled Deep Thoughts, you can search for the article and read it). People that are close to me knows that I share a special bond with my mum. It is not really because of the bond I share with her that makes her my hero, but because of all the sacrifices I know she has made and still makes till now.

I grew up with my mum basically because my dad was always being transferred from one state to another due to the nature of his job, and my mum did not like the idea of constantly changing schools for my siblings and I. Hence the reason behind living with just my mum while we only saw our dad whenever we had our holidays, and also whenever he briefly visited us. My mum became a businesswoman who always had to travel to buy clothing items to sell in her shop. At some point she switched to selling food for a while, then she switched back to the clothing items again. She did all these things to ensure we were comfortable since my dad’s job was not paying so much. I would watch my mum carry her big cooler of food on her head every morning to her shop and would always bring back some food for us to eat. My mum is a very strong and hardworking woman. I sometimes wish I am as strong as she is. She always knows what to do in every situation. Asides being strong, my mum is a very wise woman. My aunties and other people (young and old) always look up to her for advice.

I admire my mum so much. Even when she does not have enough money, she will always give from the little she has. I remember when she came to visit me when I was about to have my child, my mum came with a very big “Ghana-must-go” bag that contained lots of clothes for the baby and also food items that she was going to use for my “omugwo” It was her voice I heard when I was in labor, that gave me the strength to bring forth my baby into the world. Even till this moment, my mum still gives me money…lol. Oh mum, I honestly do not know what I would do without you.

Unfortunately, my mum is not as healthy as she used to be. Even in sickness, my mum still tries to help people as much as she can. When she was in the hospital for almost two months, my mum was still trying to meet my emotional and financial needs. Her selflessness and good deeds cannot be talked about fully in this article. I only just keep praying for God to preserve my mum so that she can fully enjoy the rewards of her labour. Dear mum, you are and will always be my HERO!

I had to write this here so that one day I will come back here to read and remember the sacrifices my mum made for my siblings and I. I also hope you will be inspired to celebrate your hero. Feel free to write about your hero in the comment section. I will love to read your story too.

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