It was just a day to my birthday and several thoughts hit me hard. Questions started to pop up in my head but one major question that kept reoccurring was “are you ready?”

While I was getting ready to attend Church I kept pondering on the question and then I searched myself to know exactly what I was supposed to be “ready” for and then I got an answer to that question.

While in Church, I got a confirmation within me that my answer was right, so I left Church that day with so much enthusiasm and zeal to do that which I’ve been assigned to do.

That night before I slept, I told myself I was ready to fulfill purpose. It’s one thing to discover purpose and it’s another thing to fulfill purpose. I had discovered purpose in 2016 and as it was just less than an hour to my birthday (December 18, 2017), I told myself “it’s time to fulfill purpose”.

One thing I need you to know is that the answer you seek is within you. All you have to do is search within yourself and find the answer you seek. God has given you everything you need to progress in life.

Ponder on these things…


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