Motherhood tales

This motherhood life is seriously not easy!!!

Maybe some mothers find it easy, while others really struggle with motherhood. Even if you felt like you were ready psychologically and financially to have a child, there are still days when you do not really find motherhood easy. So whether you find it easy or not, the goal is to raise a happy and healthy child. How you achieve this goal is totally up to you.

I really admire mothers who have a 9-5 job. I wonder how you all do it. Maybe nannies and creches make it a bit easier for working mums. But I will assume it is not so easy for you too. Whether you are a working mum or a stay-at-home mum, you all rock!

Being a mum made me appreciate my mum more. Like how were you able to raise four kids??? Just one kid and I feel like I am really struggling with motherhood. Yes I smile and feel very proud when I get compliments on how smart my daughter is right from when she clocked one year. Now she is 18months and the compliment still rolls in, but when I think of the struggle, the bad days – the sick days, joggling between writing an article, recording my podcast, recording my vlog, creating an animation, thinking of what my husband and daughter will eat, doing the laundry (thank God for the person that invented washing machine), and doing other house chores while still ensuring I make out enough time to play/interact with my daughter, I just lose every form of motivation in me. But the loss of motivation is usually for a short time though because all these tasks would still be staring me in the face…lol.

What is even the essence of this post? Well, I just came to appreciate and encourage all mothers. I know the struggle and I also know the importance of a simple phrase such as “well done” and “you are doing an amazing job”. So this is me saying WELL DONE MAMA, YOU ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB!

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