Mental Health Awareness Month


It has really been a while I wrote an article except for the “Entrepreneur of the month”. A big THANK YOU to everyone who has been concerned about me. I really appreciate. I may not be writing as often as I used to, but I will definitely write as soon as I can.

Now to the main issue. I am very aware that the month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month and I have found out that one of the objectives of mental health awareness is to prevent suicide through individual education and outreach events but I am very concerned if this objective is usually fulfilled. This is because the rate at which people commit suicide is alarmingly increasing steadily. Just very recently, I read four suicide stories of young people in a day and this got me thinking about how seriously people need to take their mental health.

There are so many depressed people out there or rather I will say, there are so many mentally unbalanced people out there because I know that there is no individual in his/her right mind that would decide to just commit suicide due to one problem or the other.

Of course the world is full of enough problems but how we face these problems matter a lot. I have had to quit a job that was gradually leading me into depression. It was my decision to choose happiness and sanity over that job because it was not worth making me unhappy. So you can also choose to cut off from anything or anyone that is threatening to steal your joy away. Of course commiting suicide is not the way out of any problem. Your life is very precious!

I do not think that it will be fair to leave all the work to mental health organisations to prevent suicide or create awareness. In our own little circle, let us all be our brothers keeper and be watchful for any unusual behaviour that may be portrayed by those close to us. Especially on social media where some individuals have decided to post random stuff about their life’s issues, we can be able to tell the state of mind of a person through the kind of post they put up and offer words of encouragement or help in any way we can.

Suicide is never a way out of any problem! Learn to seek professional help if you feel you are beginning to have weird thoughts or talk to someone if you feel really sad/depressed.

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