One of the definitions of ‘memory’ that interests me is the one given by Cambridge dictionary. It defines memory as the ability to remember information, experiences and people.

Memories form a part of our existence. They are what makes us human. We all have memories – good and bad, but what we do with these memories matters a lot.

The bad memories could help you do things differently or help you appreciate the good side of life, while the good memories can help you go through a bad phase of life. I recently met a young widow with two kids and during our discussion, she talked about the fond memories she has of her husband and how those memories help her go through bad times. Well, that encounter helped me appreciate the memories I create with friends, family, colleagues, and people I meet randomly.

So my dear friend reading this, please cherish the memories you have so dearly and try to create memories that will also outlive you.

2 Replies to “MEMORIES”

  1. Bobbie

    Memories last as long as you can remember them. The weight of the event that creates the memory will determine how long it will last in your mind either good or bad.
    There are some memories people want to forget, I personally have memories I wish I could erase from my mind.
    Let’s hope for the best so we can have & create pleasant memories.
    God bless Preshnext.

    1. Nicely said. I totally agree with you. I also have memories I wish could be erased from my mind but since those memories cannot be erased, they help me make better choices when I remember them. You’ve spoken well. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this article with others.


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