Letter To Parents

Dear Parents,

How are you doing? I trust you are well.

The aim of writing this letter to you is to inform you about a serious social problem that has eaten deep into our society. I know you are wondering how this concerns you. Well, it concerns you because this particular problem could affect any of your kids if you are not careful and observant.

I want to believe you have heard about one or two cases that involves a child being raped. I don’t pray for this to happen to any of your children or wards. But you see, I want to plead with you to be fully involved in your childs’ life. I know work could be really demanding and your schedule could be really tight, thus the reason most of you leave your children in the care of house helps or relatives. But the welfare of your child comes first. Please, create an atmosphere for easy communication in your home.

A friend recently told me he observed his little niece doesn’t meet any male for help when she needs to ‘pee’ and when he asked the mother of the little girl, she confirmed it and said she had instructed the little girl to only meet females whenever she needs to use the toilet. In a way, I was impressed because this woman doesn’t want to risk exposing her little girl to any form of danger and she obviously wants to avoid “stories that touches the heart”.

Please my dear parents, your kids may be facing a lot. Ranging from bullying at school to emotional or psychological problems. You may not get them to open up to you by scolding or shouting at them. Just observe what works for your kids and lovingly get them to always tell you EVERYTHING!

Thank you so much for making out time to read this letter.

Yours truly,



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