Sometime in 2018, a friend told me about how he was determined to never receive less than a particular salary when he just entered the labour market. Based on his decision, he turned down a job that offered to pay him a salary that was just a little bit less than what he was determined to earn. I laughed hard when he told me this because I knew I and a whole lot of unemployed youths would jump at that kind of offer as a fresh graduate. To me, it felt like pride but my friend told me he knew his worth and he was very sure of what he was bringing to the table as an employee. That day, our discussion opened my eyes and mind to a lot of things that I had never thought of. Now my friend has a very good job with a good pay.

The word “worth” simply means high value or merit. A lot of individuals do not know their worth. They will rather just settle for anything that is thrown their way. Just recently, I and some members of my family were discussing one of Nollywoods’ finest actress and how she has made it so much in the movie industry that we doubt if any movie producer in Nollywood can actually afford to pay her. This is because this lady realized her worth and decided to act accordingly.

I believe that if only people can just realize what they are worth, only then can they begin to live a purposeful life. Please note that you can only place value on yourself when you are confident of what you can offer. That is why personal development is very essential!

I remember quitting a job that was almost tampering with my self-esteem and self-worth. I just knew it was time to leave the job because I did not want to ever give anyone the power to put me down and make me feel worthless. I knew I had given my best to the job, and when I sensed my best was not enough, it was very healthy for me to say my goodbyes. It would have been a different situation if there was an attempt to teach me (of course no one really knows it all), but the consistent devaluing was threatening the healthy self-esteem I had tried building for myself overtime.

So, for you to have a healthy self-worth, you need to think less of what other people think of you. Life is really too short to waste your precious time on such thoughts. What is more important is your own opinion of yourself. Please always know your worth and do not let anyone treat you like you are never enough. For parents, please help your child build a healthy self-esteem and self-worth. We need to start having confident youths in this generation.



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  1. Steve

    Exquisitely written

  2. Atolani

    Parents need to put this into practice because some of them are the reason why children have low self esteem.
    Lovely write-up.


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