Kiddies Corner – Hear What The KIDS Have To Say

The SpringShow is back with this very interesting and exciting episode!

The show features some super smart and talented kids with an amazing knowledge about the happenings in their country – Nigeria.

Find out What The Kids Have To Say about their country and other personal stuff about them.

Hey! They also have a message for the Government.

Songs: You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban, One Call Away – Charlie Puth, and Greatest Love of All – Whitney Houston.





9 Replies to “Kiddies Corner – Hear What The KIDS Have To Say”

  1. Uche

    Wonderful kiddos, Ebube wants to be a banker and footballer… 😀. Thanks for making it downloadable.

    1. Hahahaha. The little boy already knows the importance of money. Thank you for listening…

  2. james John

    Ebube wants it all Banker, footballer and Doctor and still watch cartoons. Hmmm.? SuperCoolKid. Stephaney hmmm phonetics no be play O! Well Spoken. “Kidnapper catchers” please start now and try River state. These Kids are the Best, already set a pace. Thumbs up PreshNext. Good show!

    1. Funny…Thank you so much for listening to the show.

  3. james John

    I wish all could learn national Pride from this Show and speak good about our Country. Thank You.

  4. Bobby

    For me, this is the best episode of the show so far. The kid that wants to be a footballer is the smartest. Na the way be that.

    Presh, abeg, you don interview butty pikin, we wan hear the ajepako view too. Pick a child from molete or idi arere and let us hear their views too…

    Those kids can sing too. Nice one!

    God bless springshow, God bless Preshnext.

    1. Lol…well, I agree with you. This is one of my favourite episodes. Thank you for listening. We appreciate.

  5. OLORUNfemi

    This is interesting.
    What a choir we can build out of these beautiful ones.


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