Having expectations

Have you ever wanted something so desperately and ended up not getting it? How did it make you feel? Angry? Sad? Bitter? And any other negative emotion you can think of. This definitely happens almost all the time. As long as we are alive, we cannot do without expecting certain things at different points in time. Sometimes we get what we are expecting, and other times, we do not. Infact, having expectations is an integral part of our existence.

From experience, expecting things from humans can be very disappointing. For instance, someone promises you something and ends up not fulfilling the promise, that can make you feel really sad yeah? Now it is possible that the person tried to fulfill that promise but just could not, due to some reasons. That does not make the person bad. But not fulfilling the promise made you feel bad. The funniest situation is when someone promises you something and you begin to make plans based on a promise you have not received yet. Especially if it is money that you were promised. For me, I prefer to keep an open mind when someone promises me something. It is not like I am doubting the persons’ words but a lot can happen within seconds that could make the fulfillment of the promise impossible, so it is better for me to just keep an open mind – meaning, I may get what was promised or I may not. Doing this helps me stay happy even when the promise is not fulfilled because I have prepared myself mentally for whatever may happen.

It is even worse when you expect someone to behave in a certain way. This is because the earlier you learn that everyone cannot be the same, the better for you. Humans are different – different perceptions, different beliefs, different opinions, different backgrounds, different mindsets, etc. I have heard phrases like “I just expected him to know these things”, or “I just expected her to act this way”, so when they do not act the way you expected, or know the things you expected them to know, you become disappointed.

Once upon a time in my life, I was constantly unhappy because I was always expecting a lot from people and the more I expected, the more disappointed and unhappy I became. Until I found a balance by just keeping an open mind always so that nothing takes me by surprise, then life became easier and more fun for me. Humans are very unpredictable so just save yourself the stress of becoming sad or unhappy just because someone promised you something and failed to fulfill the promise.

Ps: Christmas is almost here so there is a high probability that people will promise you stuff. Just keep an open mind – you may get it, or you may not. Just keep being happy no matter the outcome!

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