Fresh start

How often do you hear the phrase “fresh start”? How often do you tell yourself to start all over again? How many times do you tell yourself “I am going to start on clean slate”?

In fact, yours truly is guilty of saying all these positive things to myself and when it is time to put in the work, I just run back to my shell. So I woke up this morning telling myself “madam, enough is enough! It is time to do all the things you used to say in your mind”. I woke up with a whole new realisation and outlook on life. You see I just realised that every new day I am opportuned to see, is actually an opportunity to start afresh. I remember something I read some years ago about how every new day is like a new page of a journal where you write whatever you feel like writing. So I have made a decision to write whatever I feel like writing on my own “new day”. Of course this can only be done by being very deliberate about my actions and reactions to stuff that may pop up.

Remember my last article? I said something about how we cannot totally control people’s actions towards us but how we choose to react to those actions, can go a long way in determining how those same people will treat us. So with this new found reality, how can you be intentional in your decision making? What can you do differently on a daily basis?

One of the painful lessons I have learned is that I really cannot achieve a particular result by doing one thing over and over again. I just have to keep trying different methods until I get my desired results. So you too can choose to do same. Learn to live life one day at a time. Yes it is very okay to plan for the future but we do not have the future yet. All we have is TODAY. Why not endeavour to live your best life on a daily basis? I think doing this will help you to appreciate life more. With the way people are losing their lives, I really do not want to live my life based on just mere thoughts and wishes. If it is to keep writing my articles on daily basis, I will be more fulfilled knowing I am doing something I love and at the same time, enjoy the feeling that comes from knowing someone somewhere is reading my article…

Once again, life is too short to spend each day being unhappy. You can have a fresh start on finding a new meaning to life.

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  1. Olajumoke

    Hm, I consider each day a gift and an opportunity to fulfil the purpose for that day.

    Thanks for the reminder.


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