Happy new month guys! Finally, the long awaited December is here! This is the part where I do a three minutes dance to celebrate the arrival of December…lol. After what seemed like a year that may never end, my favourite month is finally here. Yes! December is my favourite month. Not just because it is my birth month, but because of the joy it brings to the hearts of many. Who no like celebration?

I remember when we entered the new year, 2020 looked really promising but little did I know that a lot of unhappy events would occur. Despite all the sad happenings, 2020 has been an amazing year for me. I cannot count how many exciting news I received this year alone. I am really grateful for the lessons I learnt in 2020. One of which is to not dwell on negativity but rather, to always focus on the good. Doing this has helped me stay sane and happy even in the difficult times. Counting my blessings is one sure way of constantly staying happy. Also, cutting off from things that can get me stressed mentally, is another way I have been able to protect my joy. Yes! My joy and happiness needs to be protected by all means. It is not an easy task though but when you are very intentional about your happiness, you will do all you can to protect your space.

So, permit me to say congratulations for making it into the last month of the year. May you always have countless reasons to smile this DECEMBER! Cheers!!!

Question: What lessons have you learnt this year, and what are you grateful for? Please leave your answers in the comment section.

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