February – A Month of Love?

The month of January has FINALLY ended! Lol

Almost every one couldn’t wait for January to finish. I heard different statements like – “January has 365 days in it” , “There are THREE months in January alone” (lol), “Hope we are not entering the 32nd day of January?” and a whole lot of others…

Well, welcome to the month of February. A month of Love and Romance I guess. If it’s a month of Love, then maybe February should never end so that we can show love to Families, Friends, Colleagues, Neighbours and STRANGERS every day of the year.

Even though the month of February is just a period to celebrate love, remember love and also emphasize the importance of love in our lives, I think all these should be done on a regular/daily basis. I included STRANGERS in my list of those to show love to because that is when love counts the most (my opinion).

I know it’s difficult to trust people these days but LIFE IS A RISK – whenever we step out of our houses, we are already at a risk of danger, so showing a bit of kindness to people we don’t know is a risk worth taking (do it with wisdom and follow your instincts though). So, try to be kind and show love to people we meet – it could be by giving a listening ear to someone who just wants to share a problem, it could be by paying the transport fare of a student going to school, anything you can think of or anyway you can, just SHOW SOME LOVE PLEASE…



5 Replies to “February – A Month of Love?”

  1. Steve

    well written, Presh

  2. Xom nosyke

    Couldn’t agree more with your take on love. We should be an oasis of love that this virtue flows from like an avalanche.


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