Hello friend, I am really sorry for being MIA. I am back now and it is going to get better.

I have been researching a lot lately on various stuff, and one of them is the issue of DISTRACTION.

I have discovered that there are a lot of distractions in the world we live in. Let me just explain what distraction is.

Distraction is anything that prevents you from concentrating or focusing on something. Of course there are positive and negative distractions. A distraction is seen as positive especially for someone that has been traumatized, to help the person focus less on the cause of the trauma, and focus more on things that can help the person heal.

The kind of distraction I need you to beware of, is the negative type that slows you down in achieving your set goals, or takes away your focus from your goal. For any one that desires to be successful, there will be a lot of distractions coming your way, but with discipline/self-control, you will be able to keep your eyes fixed on the price you are working hard to get.

Just get your priorities right!




  1. Steve

    Nicely said!


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