It is a new week filled with new opportunities. As you have entered the new week, here is something for you to ponder on. It is more like a commandment though…lol.

“Thou shall not compare yourself with others”.

Everyone has their own destiny, dreams, timing, path, struggles, etc., so comparing yourself or your own achievements with that of others, will only cause you more harm than good.

There are dangers in comparing yourself with others. The first is, there is a tendency that you could become proud and look down on others just because you have more achievements than they do.

The other danger is that, you could also become jealous and want to be like others or have what they have. This could make you so desperate and desperation would make you do ANYTHING to get what you want.

It is okay to be inspired by the success of others. Just walk at your own pace, be you, and do you! Do not ever compare!


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