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Christmas is almost here and even though most places are not bubbling as expected (thanks to Corona and any other thing that may have caused this, e.g, the Nigerian economy), I still feel the Christmas vibes within me. At least, I learnt to put myself in the festive mood by listening to Christmas carols almost every day since the beginning of December. Asides that, seeing hampers and other gift items in malls and on social media sets me in the mood too.

Of course Christmas is a season of giving. After all, I believe Christmas came as a result of God giving us His Son in human form to come and save us from sin. So the season is definitely about giving! The items given during the festive season are endless, depending on what you can afford to give. From food items, to clothes/shoes, to cash gifts, to toys for kids, and the list goes on and on…

Thankfully, there is another gift you can give – which is the gift of you. Some weeks ago, while listening to the radio, I heard a coca-cola advert that talked about gifting your loved ones the gift of you. In fact, it is my favorite advert on radio right now because there is a need for a lot of people to be reminded of this. When I say the “gift of you”, I actually mean giving your time. It is possible for you to be ‘present’ at home, but you are actually absent because at the point when someone needs your attention, you probably would be seeing a movie or spending time on your phone. You know that feeling when you are having a conversation with someone and the person is engrossed in his phone? I find it very annoying though if it has nothing to do with work/business.

I just remembered how during the lockdown, we had to include game time and movie night in our daily routine. During those times, we all kept our phones aside unless there was an emergency. This really helped our family bonding, improved our mental health, and helped us get through the lockdown period. It just gets me sad when a family spends a lot of time on their phones and little or no time at all with one another.

Let it not be the case this Christmas. Resolve to be present this season – physically, mentally, conversationally, and any other -ally you can add. Just know what is important and do it! If you can give at least 30 minutes to a conversation with a loved one, it will go a long way in making the season more merrier for the person. So as you celebrate the Christmas season, prioritize, keep your phones away for a while (unless someone asks for your account number to send you money because we definitely love credit alerts), and give your loved ones the gift of you by spending QUALITY TIME WITH THEM.

Have a merry Christmas!!!

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