A meddler, also known as busybody, is someone who pries into or meddles in the affairs of others. Cambridge dictionary defines a busybody as a person who is interested in things that do not involve him or her, especially other people’s private matters.

Sometime in August, 2019, I wrote about people that do not like to mind their business and how they often feel like they have the right to give their advice on issues that do not really concern them without even minding if their advice is needed or not. Well, I have started encountering a set of busybodies that cannot help but air their unwanted opinions.

My daughter recently turned one and does some certain things like say bye bye when a visitor is leaving and blows kisses too (lol). A visitor visited us lately and could not help keeping her mouth shut as she decided to let me know it was time for me to have a second child, after my daughter told her “bye”. I simply replied with an “okay ma” but in my mind, I had slapped her severally. Me that is still figuring out this whole “motherhood” thing! Mtcheeew. She is not the first person to tell me this though but why is it hard for people to just mind their business and keep their opinions to themselves????

What if it is just one child I want? What if I have not gotten over the experience of pregnancy and childbirth? What if I want to space my children? I am sure it is this same people that will still talk if I became pregnant before my baby turned one. They will be like “na wa o! Your baby never even dey crawl and you don carry belle again”. Can people learn to take a chill pill on some issues that do not directly concern/affect them? I am just glad that I am not one to give in to some kind of pressure from people. If I was, I would have not been able to breastfeed my baby exclusively for six months because I still remember how most people kept telling me to give her water and formula while she was not even up to three months. From my own experience, motherhood is solely based on instinct and following any advice that makes sense to you as a mother.

So to all the busybodies out there, you people will be alright though…lol.

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