2018 Flashback!

It is actually the last Friday of the year!!! So by this time next Friday, we would have been 4 days into the new year. How amazing!

As I anticipate all that 2019 has for me, I cannot deny that 2018 has been an AMAZING year. 2018 kicked off with me moving into a new apartment somewhere in Ibadan, this part is an experience that cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Lol. The reason is because the house was just far from everywhere – Workplace, Church, Market, Shopping Mall, etc. It always felt like I was travelling everytime I had to step out of the house, so going out was not fun for me, except that I had a bike guy that made ‘life’ somehow easy for me. Lol.

Shortly after the move, there was a wedding ceremony in my family, then I proceeded to quit the two jobs that I had, three (3) phones got stolen between December 2017 and June 2018, lol.. well, I can laugh about it now though but the experience left me traumatized for a very long time (I am still recovering sef). There was no type of preaching/lecture that I did not receive just to get over the fear that overcame me. Yeah I know it was “just phones” that got stolen but yours truly is a special breed of human. So these kinda things can affect me somehow especially when my phones are like my main office.

Well, 2018 ended with another wedding in my family and you can imagine when you can successfully plan two weddings in one year in this our very “buoyant” economy, then you will have no choice than to be very grateful to God for providing the finances. Talking about weddings, this year was just full of weddings. I know at least 10 people that got married this year – including my childhood friend. I actually attended 3 weddings though and I could not help but observe how guests behave during wedding receptions. I just remembered a wedding I attended and I observed how an old woman that came with a little boy, was just busy filling up a black sack she brought with every item her hands could reach – all kinds of drinks, water and souvenirs. Lol. The sack was filled to the brim and when it was time for her to leave, the little boy just carried the sack on his head and off they went. The scenario was funny though.

Of course a whole lot has happened in 2018 and I am mostly grateful for the support I get from you for always reading my articles, listening to my podcast series, and also commenting on the posts. I was able to publish 12 episodes of the SpringShow podcast this year, and I hope to keep the pace or do more next year and not less!

2019 is already beginning with me relocating to another state. I will just continue from here when we get to the end of 2019 and it is time to post an article on 2019 flashback…

Do you want to share your 2018 memories with us and let us know what you are grateful for? Please feel free to flashback and kindly leave your comment after reading this.

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