We are already in the festive season and in just a matter of days, we will be screaming “Merry Christmas” and then we will get ready to kiss 2018 goodbye.

Of course the yuletide comes with too many activities – shopping, traveling, visiting, house chores, etc. But the most common activity is traveling. A lot of people will be traveling to spend the yuletide with family, friends, and loved ones. So this simply means the roads would be very busy this season.

Just yesterday, an accident occured along the Lagos – Ibadan express way and it was only a bus that was involved in the accident. I kept wondering how it happened because I did not see any other vehicle that was also involved in the same accident. As we approached the accident scene, the passengers (mostly women) were all sitting with various degrees of injuries, crying. Thankfully, members of the Federal Road Safety Corps were at the accident scene to assist the victims and also ensure the traffic was not much.

After we passed the scene, so many questions ran through my mind. “Could the driver be dead or was he badly injured?” Because I did not see any male among the victims. Well, based on my own experience, bus drivers (especially those that ply this particular route) usually drive recklessly and I wonder what can be done to these drivers so that they can know that the lives of 14 – 18 passengers depend on them to a large extent.

Please, your safety is of utmost importance – especially during this season. If you are driving, always have in mind that it is better to be late than never. There is actually no point in trying to drag the road with another car or a trailer. Why not allow the car or trailer to just pass? Why not drive as if every other driver on the road is insane (this can make you to be more careful and avoid the reckless drivers) so that you can protect yourself and the people in the car with you? You do not have to prove a point to other drivers while you are driving. Just go on your way carefully and trust God to protect you because your life is more important than driving with too much speed and recklessness.

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