“Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.” – Robin Sharma

Have you been in a situation where someone said some words to you and it dampened your mood throughout that day? Or has someone said something to you that lifted up your spirit and made you happy all day?

Well, that is how powerful WORDS could be.

I know some people who spew words without minding the effect such words could have on the person they are talking to at that time. It is just quite unfortunate that words cannot be retrieved once they are said.

Words are like seeds. They could grow into something beautiful or ugly.

I have had people tell me they cannot forget certain words a particular person said to them (either positive or negative). Some people end up regretting why they said some words instead of just staying mute. There are situations that could really make you utter hurtful words, but that is when self-control ought to come in. I know it is very difficult to tame or control the tongue but it all requires discipline. Or better still, learn to think before you speak. Some people speak before thinking and this causes problem most of the time.

Allow yourself to think and process the words that are about to come out of your mouth before you say them. Ask yourself questions like; “how will this person feel if I say these words to him?”, “will I be happy if these same words are spoken to me?”, “will these words of mine inspire or destroy this person?”, etc.

Let your words inspire and not destroy. Choose wisely.



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