Where Can Happiness Be Found?

I was supposed to post this yesterday but yours truly was extremely busy. Pardon me please.

I attended the Joyed Up Conference during the weekend and it really got me thinking about a lot of things. While listening to the panelists and the speaker as they all shared their stories, two things struck me – first off, every individual has gone/will go through difficult times and secondly, it takes self-discovery and self-realization to pull through those difficult times.

Indeed, having a good support system helps most of the time but no matter how many times you are surrounded by loved ones, it still depends on YOU to bring yourself out of any situation (sadness, depression, heartbreak, rejection, etc). The reason I said this is because I have been in several situations where I was surrounded by loved ones and got the best encouragement, advice and support but in all of that, it still depended on me to come out of the depression, sadness and also do away with the bitterness that I was feeling at that time.

So where then does happiness lie? From my own experience, I will say that true happiness comes from within. Of course there are people who make me happy but I discovered that it could be temporal. Okay so after they make me have a good laugh and they leave, what happens next? Is it not left to me to search deeply within and discover how to keep myself happy instead of relying on people (who also have their own problems) to make me happy? Some people tend to rely on external factors like alcohol, drugs, sex, relationships, etc., to make them happy. Whereas, the key to happiness lies within, waiting to be discovered.

Why not embark on a ‘self-discovery’ journey today where you can find that one thing that can keep you happy even when every other thing fails.


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