What’s happening?

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Have you guys observed that in recent times, there has been a lot of write-ups about self-awareness, mental health awareness, protecting your space, staying away from negative people, avoiding toxic people, etc.? Or am I the only that has observed it? Because everywhere I look on social media – from people’s WhatsApp status updates to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, all I see are posts about the need to do everything you can to stay sane.

This has got me wondering about what really changed. Why the sudden awakening? What is happening? Is the world getting crazier? Is wickedness on the rise? Because I am wondering why about ten years ago, I was not seeing all these posts. Even while growing up my parents, teachers, and even pastors did not teach me about protecting my space(mentally and physically) and avoiding toxic people. In fact, I did not know the word ‘toxic’ could be used to refer to people. I only associated the word with THINGS that are poisonous. As a child, I could go play outside the house or even at a neighbour’s house without being scared of anything but now I am so scared to allow my child go anywhere without me being there to watch her. This is because of all the crazy things I hear and read on the internet. I do not even know if I am just paranoid but this whole thing freaks me out.

As Ebuka, the host of the Big brother naija live eviction show said while he ended the show yesterday, “Judas don show us say no be all kiss be sign of love”. I guess this is the reason people are becoming more aware of some kind of behaviours that are harmful to their mental health, hence the reason for the numerous posts I see on social media.

Please if you have answers to my questions or any thought you would like to share, leave them in the comment section. I always love to read from you.

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  1. Abraham

    Well the more our population increases, the more we experience scarcity. Hence people do all sort to ensure that they take advantage of the little that is available. No one gets to think about how the other person feels because we are entering a point where it becomes survival of the fittest. So people now end up protecting themselves from the over zealous and “the end justifice the means” type of people.


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