I just read up an article on yawning then I proceeded to watch a video (yawn-o-meter) to test how long it would take me to have my first yawn while watching the video. It was amazing and funny because while reading the article alone, I yawned four times, then while I was watching the video, I yawned three times and I still continued yawning even after watching the video…lol

Of course I have been wondering why I usually yawn when someone else does same or when the word ‘yawn’ is mentioned. So my curiosity led me to read about it. Well, I discovered that there are two types of yawn: Spontaneous yawn and; Contagious yawn.

Spontaneous yawn is the type that comes when you are tired, bored, hungry or sleepy. While contagious yawn happens when you see or hear someone else yawn, when you think about yawning, or when you read an article where the word ‘yawn’ is written. So it is just a reflex action that you can not really control.

Research has shown that the contagious yawn happens in half of the adults (meaning it is not all adults that experience this) but as you grow older, the less likely you will exhibit this. So I will just be watching myself to see when I will quit yawning when I see, hear, read, or watch a video where people are yawning…lol..

Asides wanting you to learn something from this article, another aim is actually to know if you will yawn while reading this article and how many times you yawned too. Hahahahahaha..

Please drop your comments below if you yawned and let us know how many times you did.

P.s: I just discovered I did not yawn while typing this article until I typed this p.s…lol

I will really love to hear from you. Share this article too with your friends and family let us know ourselves (that is, the contagious yawners like me..lol).

2 thoughts on “#WACKYWEDNESDAY – YAWN

  1. Was consciously holding it in till I could it no more…..yawned a long one when I got to contagious yawn….here cones another one👄

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