TrendingTuesday: #CHOOSEDAY

Twitter is my favourite social media site because it keeps my brain active. It is where I spend my free time to keep myself abreast with happenings in the society.

Of course this post is not about Twitter but it is about a tweet I read this morning (pictured above) and I just thought to share it with you.

Asides the fact that #chooseday is trending today, I will like to say that the tweet above is a perfect reminder of the objectives of this site ( In as much as we encourage and preach self-developmnent, the tweet above attests to the fact that it is not an easy task to develop oneself. Self-developmnent requires a lot of discipline and conscious effort to be a better individual. It all begins from the mind and ends at your actions.

First off, the desire to be better is an idea that is formed in your mind, then you proceed to carry out all the necessary actions to be better. So since it is #chooseday, why not do the following:

  • Choose to listen more and speak less
  • Choose your words wisely
  • Choose to reciprocate evil with good
  • Choose to show kindness no matter what
  • Choose to give more (time, service, money, encouragement, love, etc.)
  • Choose to make good use of your anger (not in a destructive way)
  • Choose to read books, they help a lot (at least they help improve your vocabulary…lol)
  • Choose to complain less
  • Choose to be thankful
  • Choose to smile often
  • Choose to treat your staff kindly (for employers)
  • Choose to put in your best when you are given a task
  • Choose to see the good in people
  • Choose to not engage in talks that are time-wasting (especially the kind of talk that either you or the person you are having the talk with cannot gain from)
  • Choose to forgive (yourself and others) and treat yourself right
  • Choose to reward yourself after you complete a task
  • Choose to not procrastinate (procrastination is a dream killer)
  • Choose to love and take good care of yourself (go for regular medical check-up, exercise, eat healthy and drink lots of water)
  • Choose to place value on yourself (because that is how people will relate with you)

I am sure there are other things I did not mention that you can choose to do in order to be self-developed. Always remember that it is the choices you make, that makes you who you are.

You can add any one I omitted in the comment section.


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