Trending Tuesday: WORLD EMOJI DAY

Today, the 17th of July is a day set aside to celebrate all EMOJIS. Apparently, emojis have become a part of humans, as most people cannot seem to do without making use of them during communication.

Emojis such as the laughing face with tears, the face with the rolling eyes (lol), the dancing emoji, the surprised emoji, the sad face emoji, amongst a hundreds of others, are often used to express oneself during communication.

Although most people find the use of emojis to be really cool, others see it as a decline of the English language. But personally, I like emojis (maybe that’s the reason I like Emoji The Movie). They make communication a bit easier and fun. Easier in the sense that you can actually express your emotions via the use of emojis and the other person would understand what you are ‘saying’ even without having to explain in details how you are feeling at that moment.

For example, if someone shares a good news with you and you reply with the dancing emoji, it just shows you are really excited about the news. Although you may not actually be dancing at that moment and this brings me to an observation I have made overtime.

I have discovered that when people use some emojis such as the laughing emoji, the dancing emoji, or the running emoji, they are actually not portraying those exact emotions at that point in time (they are probably laughing or dancing in their mind – lol).

Anyway, if you are wondering what an emoji is, it is just “a small digital icon or image used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication”. So let’s celebrate the World Emoji Day by using lots of emojis today and singing a chorus from the anthem – “everybody uses emoji”… Lol.

Yes! If you didn’t know, now you know. The World Emoji Day has an anthem…




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