This thing called “PAST”

Happy new month! It really feels like I have not posted an article for a long time and I am sorry for the long absence. I am just trying to figure out how to keep my head clear always so that this creative writing can keep flowing. So help me God!

So lately, I have been thinking of the word “past” and how people use it. I have discovered that when some people say stuff like “forget the past” or “let go of the past”, they tend to insinuate that you have to throw away the past. More like “hey what has happened in the past, stays in the past,…there’s no need talking about it anymore,… it’s a no-go area, bla bla bla”. But come to think of it, if there was no past, the present will not be appreciated. Some of the things you know now is definitely as a result of the past. That is why people say “you learn from past mistakes”. Why is it not “you learn from present mistakes”? At least you and I know that a second ago is already in the past. So when you know you did not do something well some seconds ago, will you not try to do better now?

Most times, something that happened to you in the past will reshape your thoughts and actions now. I remember when my phone was stolen on two different occasions (the first was stolen through the window in my house at night while the second was stolen by a bike man in broad daylight). These incidents taught me to handle my phones and personal properties with care. Also, when someone starts behaving in a certain way now, it is possible that the person’s action could be as a result of a past experience. Let me give some examples – someone that has been domestically abused in the past would behave in a certain way now, someone that has been lied to severally will find it difficult to believe the person that lied and may act in a certain way towards the ‘liar’, it is also normal to find it hard to trust someone you used to trust when you find out that the person has not been honest with you unless you now begin to see that the person has changed then you just might start trusting again so that you do not have to currently judge the person based on the past and finally, if you grew up in a home where your parents were not saving money and life became a bit hard, that past action of not saving may inform your decision to save for the rainy day.

In conclusion, I will say that the past plays a big role in the present because you cannot throw away the lessons that you have learnt from the past. The only thing you should not do is dwell in the past. I get am before no be property, lol. Instead, you should learn how to make better decisions so that you will not be stuck in the past nor be struggling with how to run away from the past. You need to be wiser than two seconds ago. If you made foolish decisions in the past, that should teach you to make wise ones in the present. Always try your best to make this second count and it will save you from the stress of putting yourself in a tight situation.

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