#ThisIsNigeria is trending!!!

Well, a lot has been happening in this country that you can’t even turn a blind eye to. That is why I applaud Falz for speaking up and stating the obvious in his song titled ‘This is Nigeria’.

Oftentimes when I listen to the news or read news articles online, 90% of the content are bad news – news that could dampen your mood. And when I hear these things, I just tell myself ‘atleast this is the one that is being reported’. How about the hand which was chopped off from the wrist that I saw some months ago? Or the ‘okada’ man that snatched my phone? Or my friend and her family that was robbed? Or the young girl that was raped? Or the unknown substance I munched on just when I thought I was eating chinchin produced by a reputable company?

Indeed, there’s a whole lot of evil happening that isn’t even reported and the perpetrators of such acts are just walking around as free men.

I recently had a conversation with some friends about some happenings in the country and someone said his own concern was after working hard to purchase his dream phone, then someone else that feels he needs the phone more than the owner will just steal the phone and will end up selling it for a ridiculous amount!

This is Nigeria where the drama never stops! But then, it doesn’t stop you and I from being good citizens of our beloved country, Nigeria.

God bless Nigeria!


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