The Power of Music

Is there anyone who underestimates the power of music? Please come forward let me say a word of prayer with Just kidding though.

For me, music is life! I am trying to imagine this world without music. I honestly do not know how it is going to be like though. No matter the genre of music, music has a way of making you feel alive. It is amazing how you suddenly come alive when you hear a good music. It is also amazing how a smile can form on your face when a particular song is being played. Music can heal. Music can improve your mood. Music can motivate you to dance which is a form of exercise. Music can help you clear your head when you have a lot going on up there. Music can give you strength when you feel weak. Trust me, this worked when I was in the labour room. The matron was kind enough to play music while I was trying to ‘puuuuuush’. Music can also relieve you of stress. Music can help you let out an emotion you may have been holding in. Yes! Sometimes I hear a song and while I am smiling, I just start to feel tears rolling down my cheeks till I cry to my know crying is healthy yeah?). Music can definitely do a whole lot including soothing a fussy baby and even making a baby sleep. I remember when I had my baby, all we needed to do to get her to sleep at night for the first few weeks, was put on the radio and tune to any station playing R&B. That always worked like magic.

There are times when I may not feel like listening to music because of a mood I might be in. At that point nothing might interest me, but if I eventually force myself to listen to a song at that time, I end up feeling better. You should try it too. It works.

So do you still underestimate the power of music? Please do so no more.

You can add to the list of things music can do in the comment section. I always love to read from you.

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