It’s funny how even those that don’t go to work/school, gets to scream THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY! Lol…

I won’t blame them though. I guess it is because there is this feeling that comes with knowing the weekend is around the corner. Even those that works during the weekend gets to experience this feeling one way or the other.

Especially for most guys, weekend means only one word – FOOTBALL! While for the female folks, it means a lot – chores, shopping, visiting the Salon, and a host of others.

Well, now that the World Cup is over and Premiership is about 3 weeks away, I’m just wondering what the guys would be doing this weekend.

Anyway, whatever it is that you have planned for the weekend, just make sure you include exercise and lots of rest in your weekend to-do-list, so that you can be refreshed and be fit for the coming week.

Have a restful and fun-filled weekend!

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