Speaking out or staying quiet?

Guys! I have had one of the most toughest days today and even though I am trying to stay calm by diverting my mind to something else – which is, writing this article, I believe the day will end well. What do you do when you have planned your day and none of your plans worked. Chai! Today ehn! Anyway, life goes on…

So to the main gist. Have you ever had an outburst and after a while, you begin to wish you should have kept quiet? Or have you been in a situation where someone said something to you and you chose to ignore and stay quiet, then after a while you start wishing you should have given the person a piece of your mind? So how do one know when to talk or when to stay quiet?

Earlier today, I had a call and the person was asking me a very insensitive question so I decided to ignore the question and acted like I did not hear what the person was asking. After the call ended, I was feeling irritated and I was not at rest either, because I felt I should have addressed the situation so that the person does not ask me such question again. So, I decided to call the person back and spoke my mind. The result? Peace of mind and joy! Lol…I was happy I addressed the situation! Imagine I did not call the person back, I would have been upset and regretting why I did not say anything when I needed to. From past experience, keeping quiet when I needed to speak up, left me sad, angry, moody, and full of regrets. So I have learnt that inasmuch as silence is golden, it is not always the best. The important thing is knowing when to talk and when to keep quiet. Not everyone deserves a reply but there are people who needs to be kept in their place respectfully.

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  1. Anita

    I agree and peace of mind is important for long life. Thank you Preshnext


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