Snore Facts

How much do you know about snoring?  The SpringShow podcast is back with this edutaining episode on snoring.

For me, I usually get irritated when I hear someone snore loudly. So it makes me understand how I could also disturb someone when I snore. This makes me appreciate a slight nudge to probably make me change my sleep position or adjust my neck. lol…

How about you share your thoughts/experience after listening to this episode? I love to read your comments.

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8 thoughts on “Snore Facts

  1. I only snore when i have cold….but not loud like some people i know.that sound is really annoying….i hate it with passion

  2. Thank God no Socially Acceptable Snoring, Issele-Uku was a nightmare every night in camp, we had to start pleading with people snoring. Nice one PreshNext, is good to hear from Springshow again.

  3. Hi Preshnext, thanks for sharing. Twas nice listening.
    Fact is, a few times I snore so loud it actually wakes me up, so I kinda imagine how the next person must’ve felt. Stress has been a major factor though… What I can’t seem to understand is how one sleeps so peaceful when one works out, no matter how much… the snore just seems to disappear. Maybe the stress has to be defined?
    Scary though to know very severe cases would actually need surgeries to correct!😳

    1. I really appreciate your comment. Yeah I can relate with snoring really loud enough to wake yourself up. Happened to me recently…I guess a lot happens to your body system when you work out which makes you sleep soundly without snoring.

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