September Entrepreneur!

The first month in the ‘mber’ family will be gone in a few days, but before it ends, here is our entrepreneur of the month!

Name: Akande Atolani Joanna

Birthday: 12th September

Course studied/University attended: Sociology/ University of Ibadan

Business Name: Tolaish Joan Visuals

Business commenced: Officially 2017

Location: Ibadan

Mike Abdul’s Silhouette

Business Type: Photography

Why did you start this business?: I started because of my passion for it.

How did you start?: I started by learning at a studio before moving forward to stand on my own.

Challenges faced in business: Clients refusing to pay the amount charged, competitors, and lastly, clients not appreciating my work enough

How have you solved these challenges?: I haven’t solved all but I make sure I make my clients realize the quality of work they’ll get and what they stand to benefit.
Then secondly, I don’t see others as competitors rather I see them as colleagues, and lastly, being patient with the different clients that comes my way

What kind of photography are you into?: Documentary/Portrait Photography (Not sure because I’m still trying to discover myself because I do weddings too…lol)

What inspires the kind of pictures you take?: My environment and the need to tell a story.

Happy Bride

Hobbies: Photographing, reading, making friends and exercising/involving in sporting activities.

Phone number: 08139497221

Email address:

Instagram: @tolaish

Twitter: @simply_tolaish

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