It is “feel good” Friday! And yes we all love to feel good every now and then. Oh how we love to hear people say nice things to us. I know right? Hearing such nice things have a way of making us feel good about ourselves and boosting our confidence too. So what happens when no one says anything nice to you? What happens when your boss does not praise you for a job well done? What happens when your boyfriend does not compliment your hairdo even after you put in so much just to “look good” for him? What happens when no one tells you “you look good today” after putting on a very lovely dress or an expensive clothing? Or what happens after spending hours in the kitchen making a meal for someone and the person does not compliment you? Well, so many scenarios but then I know how it feels when you do not get the recognition you deserve. That is why self-affirmation is very important.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines self-affirmation as “the act of affirming one’s own worthiness and value as an individual for beneficial effect (such as increasing one’s confidence or raising self-esteem)”. To affirm means to “state positively”. Based on the definition of self-affirmation stated above, I guess you now know how important it is to affirm yourself every day. So if no one says anything nice to you, say nice things to yourself. In fact, you do not need to wait for anyone to say something nice to you. You need to form the habit of saying positive words to yourself. This can help improve your self-esteem and confidence.

It is difficult to not doubt yourself once in a while and also avoid negative thoughts. But when you gradually form the habit of thinking positively and affirming yourself, it becomes a part of you. So when next you put on that lovely dress, tell yourself how beautiful you look. When next you beat that deadline at work, congratulate yourself and give yourself a pat on the back. There are too many bitter people in the world who are busy looking for ways to make you feel bitter about yourself. Do not give them the opportunity to do so. Prepare yourself daily by saying positive words to yourself before stepping out of your house.


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