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Lately, I have allowed my mind wander from one thought to the other. Especially on the issue of love, friendship and relationship. The cool thing is that these three things go together.

I recently attended a wedding and all I could see was the fact that the couple had a relationship in which love and friendship were very evident. It was just like they were in their own world – the whispers, the smiles, the laughter, the stare they gave each other, and the holding of hands could not make me take my eyes off them. I am sure I was not the only one who observed this though.. lol. I know other weddings I had attended, people usually tend to leave after eating but this particular wedding, even after the reception was over, people were still seated (after eating o) as if they did not want the reception to end. Well, this just shows how the love and friendship the couple shared was so strong that even the guests could not resist being lovestruck.

I know there are other components that make a good relationship – commitment, respect, communication, submission, forgiveness, compromise, etc., But in my own opinion, all these will not work if love and friendship are missing in that relationship. You cannot submit to someone you do not love and you cannot have an interesting conversation with someone who is not your friend. This may not work for everybody but if it can work for you, please just marry your friend or if you are married already, just make your spouse your friend. If you desire a successful relationship, just imagine all the things you would do with your best friend or things you would want to do with your best friend, and then do those things with your spouse! Play together, be mischievous together, gossip/gist together, pray together, be intimate with each other, and do the things you both love together (even if it is not something that interests you, start developing interest in them).

This is my own recipe for a successful relationship. I may have missed one or two points though but I will really like to know your own recipe for a successful relationship. Kindly drop your comments below.

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