The Oxford dictionary defines priority as a thing that is regarded as more important than others. Sadly, most people get their priorities wrong.

Being a first time mum, I remember how overwhelmed I used to be with tasks (this is a challenge most first time mums face). I wake up in the morning and the first thing that crosses my mind is all the chores I need to do – laundry, dishes, bathing and feeding my baby, cooking, cleaning the house, sleeping and taking care of myself (lol). Anyway, so while still in bed and thinking of all I need to do, I suddenly start feeling my head ache from thinking too much. But with time, I started to learn to do each task in order of importance – prioritizing.

I have also discovered that asides being overwhelmed with tasks, some people really do not know when to do or not do a task. For example, how can someone wake in the morning and the first thing to do is to watch movies on your laptop (this might be understandable if one has been stressed lately and all you just want to do is ease off the stress) but when one does it continuously, it is an issue. I do not understand why there will be lots of chores to do and then you decide to sit idly while someone else does the whole chores. I remember a friend of mine was complaining bitterly about how a visitor that had stayed for a month in her house would sit in front of the television all day while she struggles with caring for her three kids, do all the house chores and still make food for the visitor. Well, to me it does not seem fair. Why not choose to help the woman instead of watching the television at that moment? Why not choose a workout session over going on people’s social media page to drop hurtful comments? Why not choose to put in more energy and time in your business over focusing so much on other people’s lives? Why not do the laundry as soon as there is power supply instead of doing nothing actually? Why not stay quiet if there is nothing to say instead of saying meaningless words? The lists goes on and on…. It is not even really about the activities but the timing. Making good use of one’s time is EVERYTHING!

The same thing applies when dealing with humans. Oftentimes we place some people as more important than others (in fact this is very normal). We relate with them based on how important they are to us. Why waste your time on someone that does not add value to you or someone that does not value you either? Even when it is work related, there is still a need to prioritize tasks. That is how important prioritizing is in one’s life.

In summary, when you prioritize, you save yourself from stress, you save time, you will not lose sleep over what needs to be done, you will not lose your mind too (lol), meaning you will stay sane, you will not have headaches like I had when I was still figuring out motherhood at the early stage, you will learn to value what is important too, amongst others. So having stated all these, it is very important to prioritize on daily basis.

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