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I will like to share something with you. Although I recently shared this same thing with my whatsapp contacts, but I will like to drop these thoughts right here for you to read and digest…

There’s this guy whom I consider as being too loud and has a very appalling personality (don’t ask me how o..I just know cos I see him 5 times in a week). On this fateful day, I went to purchase something and as usual, he was with the lady selling stuff. As I walked away after purchasing the item, I could hear him sing a song loudly.

Now in my mind, I just said “you really don’t have to be loud always na, haba!” but after saying that, a thought hit me – that’s just his personality… after all, the lady selling stuff always enjoyed his company cos I met them chatting and laughing. Anyway, this little episode inspired this write up…lol.

As we all know, personalities differ yeah? So you’d agree with me that it is these differences that makes human unique. Now we can’t really like every one because of these differences just like I found the guys’ personality appalling, so it’s possible that you’d know someone whose personality is a turn off for you. But you see, we don’t have to hate these people just because we don’t like or agree with their personalities. Simply put, that’s what makes them who they are – unique in their own way!

We can actually manage these personalities that doesn’t appeal to us. I remember someone asking me how he can manage someone’s personality, so I told him he can do any of the following:

  • ignore it and make a conscious effort to relate with the person in a way that the personality doesn’t bother you.
  • deal with it
  • accept it
  • live with it

Now let me add this part- if the personality is too bad for you to do the aforementioned, then let the person go… only on the condition that the person isn’t your family, colleague or your boss. Unless you want to leave your job or disown your family…lol.. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to do this.

My point is, don’t expect someone to change their personality because of you. It’s THEIR personality and not YOUR OWN… Habits can be changed but personality??? I doubt it!

Finally, I’ll say that ignoring these “appalling” personalities is just for the sake of your sanity…


P.S: Personality means the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.



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