Party Ideas?

Yours truly needs help!!! Wondering what I need help with? Well, my story goes thus…

As a first time mum, I seem to be having a little problem with throwing my daughter a small birthday party. Not a problem yeah?

Well, it is a problem for me because I seem to have run out of ideas on what to do. I just think it is important to make that day special for her since it is her first birthday but I do not really know what to do since I have not organised any kind of party before. I am totally aware that the little girl will definitely have no idea about if the day is special or not. But you see, she will grow up someday and hope to see pictures of her first birthday. I definitely still have pictures from my own first birthday so I think it just makes a whole lot of sense to also make her first birthday special too. The good part is that it is going to be a very small family gathering (this is the only part I know). This is obviously due to the Pandemic season that we have been in for some months now.

Problem number two is this – remember I stated above that I have not organised any kind of party before yeah? I just assumed you asked “but you are married, have you not celebrated your husband’s birthday?”. Well, my husband’s first birthday as a married man was celebrated in the labour room with me. Yes! We both celebrated his first birthday in the labour room together as he held my hand while our little girl was finding her way out of the womb into this world.

Now you understand why yours truly is totally clueless about how to organise a birthday party. Daddy and daughter shares same birthday! So since this is officially my husband’s first birthday as a married man (lol) and his first birthday as a dad, it just makes it a bit difficult for me to plan. So now I have to figure out how to kill two birds with one stone and I am really hoping you can help me with some ideas on how to throw both daddy and daughter a small birthday party.

I cannot wait to read your suggestions in the comment section! Please help me out!

Happy new month! *kisses*

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